Ida Mayes Floristry
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Ida Mayes Floristry brings movement and thoughtful floral design to your intimate celebrations.

We strive to create unique, thoughtful, organically-inspired floral arrangements for intimate weddings and private gatherings. Our designs celebrate life by imitating the natural movement of flowers and the inconsistencies of nature within each season through color, texture and structure.



Philosophical approach to creativity that emphasizes harmony between human habitation and the natural world. We imitate the beauty & flow of NATURE in every bouquet.


Showing careful consideration or attention. We care about YOU and our designs reflect the care and consideration we pour into your floral arrangements in order to create flowers that are uniquely YOU.


Being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else. YOU are ONE OF A KIND and your flowers should be as well. We have a beautiful community of florists nationwide and we certainly draw inspiration from one another. We encourage sharing of photos & designs that inspire you but our highest aim is to create unique designs that are a reflection of YOU and your love.


Our Story

My great grandmother Eva Ida Mayes was, as my Grandma Mary likes to say, “a good woman.” She cared for her family and her flowers with love and devotion, making the most of what they had. My grandmother tells me stories of helping in the greenhouse each morning, getting her fingers sticky pinching the center blooms of the carnations to produce more shoots.

My grandmother inherited her mother’s green thumb, which was, I’m sure, cultivated in the greenhouse. My early visits to Grandma’s house inspired my own love of gardening. She always grew the most beautiful kitchen garden filled with golden tomatoes and  bountiful squash. I loved exploring grandma’s garden and was mesmerized by her purple Iris’ she still grows to this day.

It brings me a great deal of comfort and pride knowing I am a product of these two beautiful women. While Carnations and Irises do not bloom in my own garden, Mary and Eva’s garden legacies continue to flourish.


Hey there, Lovely!


I am so excited you are here. I’m Tiffany and I’m a West Coast gal who still calls Oregon home despite living and designing in Austin, Texas. When I’m not designing you can typically find me in the garden, unless it’s July/August, then I’m more likely to be indoors cranking up the A/C and dreaming about my Fall garden. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 11 years. He is simply wonderful and is my logistics man behind the scenes. We have two ridiculously adorable kitties, Fry and Leela (any Futurama fans?).

I am so incredibly inspired by nature and have always been fascinated by natural details and juxtapositions with the changing seasons. I love all the tiny details inherent in designing with flowers. My favorite part of a flower is the sepals or the little leaf-like portion at the top of the stem that surround the petals. I love capturing all these details through my camera lens. When designing you can always find me with a Spotify playlist in the background and my Nikon ready to shoot.


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