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Downtown Austin Surprise Wedding

When Angela first reached out to me to help with her wedding flowers, I knew immediately I was going to love her. When you can tell in an email just how kind, gracious and insanely excited someone is to marry the love of their life, you know your only response to helping with their wedding is “yes.”


Angela and Chris were so excited to share the joy of their union that they decided to host a surprise wedding in downtown Austin at The Eleanor. To be honest, I’ve never seen a surprise wedding and at first, did not quite understand the notion behind it but then I saw pictures of the guests when they realized they were at a wedding and it all came together. The genuine surprise, excitement and overwhelming joy on the faces of each of the guests was so evident. And it wasn’t just the excitement of a wedding, it was THIS wedding, THIS couple. They are the kind of people whose joy and love overflows and spreads to everyone they meet.


A HUGE HUGE thank you to Kelsey Horner Photography for capturing so perfectly the genuine love and emotion of this day. And a huge thank you to Brittany and Chris for sharing your love and spreading your joy to each of us.

A Flower Grower's Sentiment Behind Wedding Flowers

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time on Instagram, you know I am SO in love with gardening. If I could simply host weddings in my backyard garden, where brides can literally surround themselves with gorgeous growing flowers, I’d be in heaven. And yes, that is the plan for the future of my little business so stay tuned.

Attachment-2 (1).jpeg

I simply don’t believe anything beats growing a flower from seed, nurturing and watching it grow. So to then have the honor of cutting it from the garden, designing a bouquet and sharing it with your bride, that is priceless. That nurturing, intentional image is so beautiful to me, just as a marriage is beautiful. There is so much thought and nurturing of a relationship that takes place to get to the point of marriage and to me, your flowers, your whole celebration, should tell THAT story. The story of you, your love and how this marriage came to be. The intentional decisions that brought you to this point. The love and nourishment you gave to one another and to your relationship, and the patience you built learning to trust and lean on one another.

Maybe to some, flowers are just flowers, another wedding day detail to check off. But flowers represent so much more, ESPECIALLY on a wedding day. Growing flowers takes love, patience, nurturing and intention. Sort of like a marriage. As I continue to grow flowers for my brides, I hope to capture the spirit of these words and pass them on to each of my bride and grooms.

Love. Patience. Nurture. Intention.