Ida Mayes Floristry Roots

Our name comes from my great grandmother, Eva Ida Mayes. I knew starting this business, I wanted to find a way to bring my family into the mix. I didn’t grow up next door to any of my grandparents. In fact, all of them lived a good 10 hours away from me growing up. Because of the distance, a visit to grandma and grandpa’s house always had an extra ounce of joy and excitement that went along with it.

My grandmothers (on both sides), Mary and Jerry, are both incredibly inspiring to me. They are strong women, each in their own way. Both have spent their lives giving of themselves time and time again. I always remember them welcoming others into their homes, often with a hot meal or an empty bed.

Both of my grandmothers have inspired my love of nature, gardening and, of course, flowers.

My Grandma Mary always had a garden. I remember eating the golden tomatoes straight from the vine every time we visited her house. To this day, every time I see one, I think of her and the citrus-y aromas that filled her backyard. My grandmother raised 7 children, much of the time while my grandfather was in the Coast Guard. She was a strong woman in so many ways like her mother before her, Eva Ida Mayes (sound familiar?). I like to think I inherited a bit of my grandmother’s spunk and sarcasm. To this day, she makes me laugh and reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things. I look forward to our phone calls where we chat about our gardens, dinner plans and body aches-I think I have almost as many as she does. I love that a relationship that started with a child and her grandmother in the garden has evolved into cherished friendship. You can read more about her mother on my home page but I named my business “Ida Mayes” to honor these two strong independent women who weren’t afraid to get a little dirty out in the garden and who have in turn inspired another generation of gardener/flower lover.

My Grandma Jerry also has a garden, well, a farm is probably the more accurate description at this point. My grandparent’s farm is, to me, one of the most magical places on earth—everywhere you turn, life is bursting forth. Their property is lined with giant Eucalyptus trees. I can’t design with Eucalyptus without my mind drifting to this beautiful corner of the world and this selfless soul. Her home is surrounded by full beds of Hellebores. Like the most gorgeous, abundant, mystical Hellebores you have ever seen. At our last visit, I walked outside in the cool morning air, soft mist all around, and sat right on the ground next to the Hellebore as I drank my morning coffee. Their beauty, and the beauty of this farm, speaks to my heart and completely fills my soul. My Grandma Jerry has influenced my life in ways I can’t even begin to account for in this short summary, but suffice to say, I truly would not be where I am today without her grace, hospitality, acceptance and yes, her strength. And so, my one request for my branding was to include a Hellebore.

I was raised to be strong, independent, capable. My mother taught me these values, my grandmothers and their mothers before them too. I am so proud of my heritage and beyond grateful for the people, especially the women, who have shaped me into the woman I am today..

My goal is for Ida Mayes Floristry to be all the things my grandmother’s have been to me-a source of encouragement, a place of peace, overflowing with beauty and sprinkled with just a hint of magic.